What are the key benefits of your program?

  • We will ensure holistic development of students.

  • Building various skills like effective verbal and written communication skills, critical thinking, etc. 

  • Developing love for reading via stories and poems.

  • Developing values with a focus on growth mindset.

Will there be a trial class?

  • Yes, we have a free trial class for every child who enrols with us online or books a demo through our sales associate.

What is the teacher-student ratio?

  • We try to engage each child on a one-on-one basis with the teacher so that the child gets the best of the experience. 

I have a [younger/older] child. Can they participate?

  • If they belong to either of the age groups:

   6 to 8/ 8 to 10 year-olds, we would be delighted to have them on board! We are also in the process of launching a course for 4 to 6-year-old students.

What all centers do you run?

  • Online classes only due to COVID restrictions until government-mandated guidelines change. 

Do you take rolling admissions or start new batches?

  • Yes, we take rolling admissions.

We design each experience unique to your child’s needs!

Will we be getting any certificate after the course completion?

  • Yes, every student will receive a certificate acknowledging completion of the course with us.

What all concepts will you teach / topics will you cover?

  • English language literacy.

  • Building vocabulary.

  • Reading and comprehending age-appropriate poems and stories.

  • Engaging students with far-reaching concepts and themes being spoken about in the story/poem.

What will a typical class look like?

  • Each class is formulated such that it begins with an introductory activity focusing on the values the book chapter/poem/short story we are going to delve deeper into mainly talks about.  

  • Then, we go further into the main content which focuses on the key knowledge pieces and here is where we actively build varied skills across the course of the entire program. 

  • Finally, we conclude each class with an activity focusing on students becoming aware of their thoughts and feelings and expressing them to become better individuals.

What happens after a course?

  • They will get an honourable mention on our social media pages with their name, photo and a sample of their work!

  • All students will receive certificates of completing the course with us.

  • They will have the chance to enrol for a different course with us, teaching a new genre and new books and stories!

What is the qualification of the founders?

  • Both the founders have a Bachelor’s degree from the esteemed University of Delhi and Ashoka University, respectively. 

  • Both the founders have completed the Teach for India fellowship, taught for two years in schools in Delhi, NCR.