Our Story

The Predecessor

Novel-Based Curriculum

The year is 2019, five Teach For India (TFI) fellows come together to solve a common problem - how can we foster love for learning in students while their textbooks can’t offer sufficient depth and excitement? They decide to create curriculum and resources based on novels that focus on building values, mindsets, awareness and expression. It wasn’t all smooth sailing as they were called a shit sandwich in the practice pitch for the Be-The-Change-Project (BTCP) Track offered by Teach for India to hone social entrepreneurship and project management skills. However, they tested out their idea over the summer by creating curriculum for ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and came back armed with evidence, based on which they created a rubric to measure their impact. The actual pitch went brilliantly and the same person who had called them a shit sandwich now said that he would put his money on them! That’s how Kaksha was born.

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The Stopover

Virtual Learning Packets

The year is 2020 and just as we launched our second set of resources - COVID 19 hits and the lockdown is imposed. What happens to teaching through novels now? How will it happen online?

With a million questions running through our minds, we switched to virtual learning packets based on short stories to ensure that learning doesn’t stop even in an impossible situation. Our co-founders Anam Majeed and Tarini Khurana decide to work on Kaksha full-time and apply to incubators. They did a lot of research on business models and entrepreneurship and began building Kaksha’s business model from scratch. They were finally accepted into the Woman Start-up Program Launchpad at NSRCEL, IIM-B.

For our free virtual learning packets for low-income schools!

The Reincarnation

From Kaksha to Kaksha Learning

The year is 2021, Kaksha is now Kaksha Learning and online classes have been launched. These are personalised, one-on-one classes that focus on holistic learning with the aim to shift the approach of education from rote-learning to a more holistic approach. Kaksha Learning has an integrated business model and the revenue generated from the online classes supports free and subsidized resources for underprivileged students. We also have a volunteer team of Teach for India fellows who help us create these resources.


In 2022, we hope to take fun and holistic learning to even more students! If you know any 5-12-year-olds, I encourage you to have them attend our free trial and see our magic at work!

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