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Written by: Malak Tariq

Parents are the first acquaintances attached to a child. There is no such thing as a perfect family. Parents often think that they are doing the best for their children because they love them. While many actions surely would be helpful, there are many actions that may not always necessarily be healthy as children grow up. Children under 12 years of age always roam around their parents to find that love, attention and care constantly. Teenagers tend to turn towards privacy or liberty and arguments spring up as well between a child and parents.

Parents might wonder what went downhill. It is a phase. But starting a bond with children from the beginning comes into play. The parent-child bonds of love, understanding and trust during the early years of a child’s life play an immensely crucial role. From being a toddler to the age of 12, these are extremely foundational years of opportunity for parents to make a strong bond with their children.

Here are 5 effective ways to strengthen Parent-Child Relationships:

1. Invest time and effort:

It is important to prioritize your relationship with your child. Hug your children on a daily basis. Hugs are a sign of physical and emotional support. Parents love their kids naturally; spending quality time is part of showing this love. The more time and effort you put into this relationship, the stronger the bonding will be. Reading, playing and watching your child's favourite show with them goes a long way.

2. Be available for your kids:

When your kids are growing, they need proper interaction to improve their skills. You must be responsive to your child’s needs. Kids need that attention and interest from parents for their growth and self-esteem. During interactions, it can be hard to walk away from technology when we are constantly connected. But it does not hurt to put the phone on silent or do not disturb mode when the kid is narrating what they did in school, what happened to their favourite toy or which colour they should use to paint their sky. Talking is a great bonding tool and so is the undivided attention of a parent for a child.

3. Communicate with your children:

As parents, you should have good communication with your child. It should be fair, firm and friendly to keep a positive impact. Always be clear about your expectations, especially about what they can expect from you and restrictions like ground rules. This helps to have some watch over your child and improves your bonding with them. You have to control your kids maturely and calmly for a healthy and better future for your kids.

4. Get involved in their studies, friends and activities:

Notably, it was found in a study that the parents who get involved in their child’s life have a stronger parent-child relationship. This part of life involves spending more time with them, understanding their academics, and knowing their friends. Staying in touch with their teachers or volunteering at school will impress your kids more.

5. Encourage emotions instead of shutting them out:

Parents must encourage and motivate their children to build their confidence. They must be sensitive towards their feelings. When parents criticize children while they are expressing their emotions, children might be confused about themselves. So, keep them spirited with your words and support.

Listen to understand, not with the intent to react.

Parent-child bonding starts from the birth of your child. It has a lot of influence on your child’s life and the overall interaction between members of your family. You have to keep in mind that it is always better to understand them and know them better right from the beginning to build a positive relationship.

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